Sweater + skirt is the most fashionable way to open in autumn and winter 2019!

Striped Sweaters

It is said that women in the late autumn, to wear like a painting, can not waste the beautiful scenery of decadent color at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Gonghe Jun thinks so, and the best way to show your charm in late autumn is to wear a sweater + skirt.
Striped Sweaters

You can imagine that in late autumn, maple leaves are everywhere and sunset is picturesque. If you put on a soft sweater and a gentle and lovely skirt and walk on the street, you will surely receive the baptism of everyone’s eyes.
Striped Sweaters

This beauty, Gonghe Jun a few days ago in a group of Yuan Quan blockbusters, carefully felt. That incisively and vividly gentle and high-level feeling is really hard for people to extricate themselves.
Striped Sweaters
Whether it’s the warmth of white sweater, the warmth of red sweater, or the charm of black high collar, they all complement each other with the skirt, and can’t move their eyes at a glance.

Striped Sweaters

The CP heat of this sweater and skirt has long been rippling among the actresses. No matter what age or style, sweaters + skirts have been put on.

Striped Sweaters
If the most classic is the little black skirt, then the sexiest non split skirt is. The leg lines exposed when walking are charming.

Pleated skirt literature and art is romantic, has always been the heart of the fashionable elite. Using it with sweaters can also make your shape look more light and elegant. It is still a street view in the light season.
Striped Sweater

Fishtail skirt is a powerful tool to show women’s charm. The exaggerated hem swings irregularly when walking, which makes people see the heartbeat accelerate, and different materials can wear different tastes.

Even if the fishtail skirt is matched with the sweater, it also has a handsome and unrestrained medium sexy.

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