Long sleeved dresses are essential for autumn. This year, we will wear these dresses!

Adult Tutu Skirts

BOHO style originated from the gypsy nation, which is called Boho by the French. The dress of this kind of design style sounds not strange at all, the nationality that it emphasizes, embroidery, tassel, batik and sunshine seem to be a perfect match. Do you think it’s too pompous and too holiday to wear Bohemian in Asia Pacific heavy industry? In autumn, the right way to open urban style is to match people with black!

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The black Bohemian long sleeved skirt is easy to put in and out, low-key and not old-fashioned. Bohemia attaches great importance to the design of bandages and hollows, which is a little rebellious, but still full of romance. With a felt hat with a large eaves, autumn is just right.

Bohemian black dress is very detail controlled. In addition to hat, it can also be matched with long necklace, beaded bracelet or fringe bag. Whether it’s a girlfriend party or going shopping, it can be beautiful to scream.

Long sleeved shirt skirt in autumn that must be favorable to the weather and the place, pick a person index for zero, fashion index 100. The shirt is the classic in the classic, turns into the skirt then the amorous feelings. There is a universal way to dress a shirt and skirt. It depends on how you close your waist (of course, people who have absolute confidence in their body can bypass).

It’s also a good idea to tie a ribbon. White shirt too pure? Give it to polka dots! The shoe pretends to echo carelessly again, immediately has the French style sentiment.

▲ drawstring design is more age reducing and clever. Recently, it is very popular to tie bows on the waist side of a dress, and the waist has become more fashionable.

The simplest and rudest is to wear the belt directly. Short shirt skirt is also very suitable for not wearing well, after all, the skirt is not over the knee, small legs will not show a heavy show.have more cash than can be accounted for

Adult Tutu Skirts
▲ the routine of long shirt skirt is much simpler. Many people directly choose the belt. In contrast, the thick belt is more wild and free, more suitable for the avant-garde and loose style, while for the ordinary cut skirt, a thin belt is enough temperament.

▲ the large and long printed dresses all have their own skirts. While emphasizing the waistline, the bowknot can show the fresh rural style and playful girl’s heart. long sleeve hollow skirt

Bonus tip: versatile bag

A humble skirt becomes a fairy when it is hollowed out. Hollow long sleeve skirt has a high grounding value and can brush face in various occasions. How to match different styles depends on how your bags are matched.

▲ this skirt is a typical one that supports the sky by hollowing out. Long skirt + long sleeve, in addition to the hollowing seems to be lacking, but the model gave it a small bag with oblique span, the white skirt and the black shoulder belt immediately had a contrast and anger.

This long dress is necessary for holiday. It’s gentle. The hollowing process looks very complicated, so there’s no need to clutter up the messenger bag. It’s a earth color shoulder bag, easy to handle.

It is estimated that the office workers love this dress very much. The hollowing breaks a large piece of white dullness. Carrying a small bag and wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, commuters can be beautiful by themselves.

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