Love dust coat? Wear them all.

Love dust coat? Wear them all.

【 dust coat overcoat 】


Burberry trench coats made of waterproof gabardine are durable.

When we talk about the dust coat, coat now we used to call it, we are talking about coat overcoat give you shape “style”, and this “type” is the other clothes can’t bring to you. So the coat is the magic that makes you unique in the hustle and bustle of winter.

【 origin of windbreaker 】

It was the postwar peace that really made the trench coat a fashion icon. Since then, the trench coat is not only limited to the length and style, people began to pay attention to the texture of the trench coat and the use of fabrics, quality of the brand so popular.

In the musical “cherbourg’s umbrella”, the heroine wears a Burberry trench coat so glamorous that Burberry created a unique British style trench coat. With the film appearing in people’s lives, Audrey Hepburn’s various ladylike trench coat wearing in the line of beauty is still fresh in people’s mind.

Ingrid, the famous casablanca actress, led the way to a more androgynous style with trench coats, which were the fashion trend at the time.


△This advertisement is deeply rooted in people’s mind

【 type of windbreaker】

The role of modern dust coat has not keep out the cold wind, dust coat more is modelling purposes, so called overcoat more appropriate.

In modelling the overcoat can mold types are: dignified and elegant, neutral, handsome, beautiful beautiful youth. Different types and suitable for different quality of a material with clipping, elegant texture comfortable overcoat general requirements, tailored properly, and therefore tend to be more demand for the brand, such as Burberry, Max Mara, Ferragamo, Missoni, etc., due to the overcoat belongs to basic, strongly recommend you to buy one or two brand coat (not recommended to buy the new quarter, to avoid repeating wearing a popular element in lead to not) as a perennial fashion magic in your closet.

Neutral handsome overcoat is very high to the requirement of type, as long as have a type, quality comfort all don’t need to consider. What makes the design unique is the 2015 collection of Yohji Yamamoto and junya wantanabe. The youth is beautiful beautiful can suit the demand of young girl more, to colorific and collocation so can pay more attention to, but to brand some pursuit again. Therefore, second-tier brands with different collocation and rich colors can be made, such as Tory Burch, Kate Spade, juicyy & couture. If it is more extravagant, issey miyake is also a good choice.

How to look tall in a windbreaker

1. Wear short overcoat can choose big yards of brief paragraph, compared to the small size, big yards short paragraph will not show you is not the dominant height, bigger sizes build a relaxed sense of fashion and not like a long overcoat as give you the feeling of procrastination.

2. A little bit plump a few proposals that have certain height again do not wear relatively loose design, have a bit more slightly fat want to show the mental state that gives him more and the place that has an advantage. So like the paragraph hard the overcoat is very suitable for close-fitting clipping, pencil pants on collocation, turns head certainly many. (Tips: when wearing a tight trench coat, make sure the inside is light and thin, or you’ll create the illusion of bloat. Choose some looser cuff overcoat, avoid hands is not convenient)

3. If some deficiency height, pointed is fine with high heels show high artifact, even with long overcoat is not empty. Do not like high-heeled shoes really, the Martin boots that can help in the choice (had better have the kind that heighten inside), sneaker and canvas shoe are thin tall thin tall person wears come out just good-looking.

4. If you’re afraid cold and warm enough but don’t want to think jeans seem to give, leather pants is a good choice, single wear a 7 points leather pants (it can be a fleece) to match any overcoat can make you look very tall and have a cool feeling.

A lot of ingredients of the overcoat concave shape, so the ride is also very important. (as far as possible don’t buckle your overcoat recommended because the overcoat itself is very bright eye, take the best choice in simple and concise style. Such as close-fitting long or short sleeve shirt, chic silk blouse. As for pants, want to appear tall had better choose tall waist 9 minutes pants. Show sexy ankle also is to show tall not 2 magic weapon.

【 color of windbreaker 】

1. Dark coats tend to be slimmer, so if you want to wear a few more of them under the coat, choose dark colors to reduce the bloat and help improve your overall look.

Main color: black, dark blue, dark green, dark brown, dark red.

2. The windbreaker of light color department has a very high requirement for inner matching, the more light color, the more delicate and durable the inner matching is. Light color fastens windbreaker to be able to increase downy feeling, unlike brunet fastens so have distance feeling.

Main colors: white, beige, pink, light blue.

3. Multi-color department and bright color department are a variety of colors are mixed together commonly, because this can show spark. For this type of windbreaker, it is recommended to choose a shorter style. Long coats are better suited to simple, solid colors.

Main colors: orange blue, yellow red, pink and white.

【 related brands】

Armani: as the great love of europeans and americans in clothes, the standard of Armani’s clothes is decided by various opinions. In addition to suits, armani’s windbreaker is also a rare import. Heather is looking forward to the performance of Armani trench coat with simple shape and superior texture in 2016fall. Well, let’s take a look at the last season.


△Full tone light blue, not only stylish, but also surprisingly thin.

Burberry: speaking of windbreaker, Burberry is full of vitality. In addition to the clipping and chic, excellent texture, in fact, Burberry fashion sense is leading in the field of overcoat.

Burberry’s products are always unique and new every year, which attracts many star worshipers. Heather is also a loyal customer of Burberry. The pursuit of models and higher quality requirements, Burberry will be a good choice for you. Introduce the high heat coat of a few Burberry.


△Beckham family gets attention for Burberry


△Burberry shawls were a must-have fashion item in 2015.

Chanel: desire city, every season every episode less Chanel as if not a play, Chanel can be seen in the hearts of people’s status as always noble. The coat of Chanel is admittedly very expensive, think about from another Angle, likelihood you endure a few months do not eat cate, changed not only slender, still have the Chanel coat that makes a person admire, why not be happy for?

Heather did the same thing, though it wasn’t Chanel, it was Max Mara. The classic Chanel style is perfect for those who want to give a glimpse of your status.


△The exquisite waist radian highlights the feminine feminine curve.

Dior: Dior is definitely not famous for its luggage, but its clothes. As the unremitting pursuit of elegant and fair ladies, Dior filled the field of overcoat with the early Givenchy style —— the style of a famous girl. If Chanel is a pretty lady, Dior is an elegant lady.


△Delta 2015 Dior collection

Fendi: Fendi’s coat is always bold and innovative in the use of contrasting colors and fluorescent colors. In addition, the design of the little monster also makes it full of youthful vitality. Fendi’s coat is always long, thick and fluffy, which is simply three of the most popular fashion items for ladies.


△Fendi’s coat is bright and colorful to bring warmth to winter days.


△The coral color is very vivid.

Givenchy: as a brand close to China, Givenchy has been frequently using Chinese classical elements in recent years. The design style of coat slants concise and easy, the price belongs to medium, recommend the person that just entered a job to have duty field requirement to wear.


△ as na ying’s favorite brand, G is also very popular with European and American stars.

Hermes: when it comes to Hermes, everyone thinks it is too rich. But when it comes to the coat, its fine workmanship is worth mentioning. The coat of Hermes can be said to be a wonderful work in sewing and materials. The seams are natural and generous with materials, always using high-grade fabrics like gabardine.


△Dismissed design director of Hermes, oversize classic last season.


△Classic Hermes style, exquisite and somewhat high profile.

Issey Miyake: Issey Miyake’s occasionally mischievous and occasionally serious design style is always unpredictable. As young brand, colour is rich, design a little bit bold windbreaker is its position to him.


△With a wide range of color elements, issey miyake will always dazzle you.

Janya Watanabe: rei kawakubo is always out of order, with its quirky, all-black design for the unisual. At times, JW’s coat seems simple and undesigned, or chic with infinite possibilities is made by multiple layers. For kawakubo, love is her unruly.


△This type of beauty is always beyond my comprehension.

Kate spade: although an entry level brand, ks’s recent work has been mediocre and caters to many teenage girls, with a candy-colored coat always evoking sweet feelings.


△American sweet girl style.

Lanvin: if you are just looking for a warm and comfortable coat at an expensive price, Lanvin is the one.


Max Mara: speaking of Max Mara, let’s start with its timeless design style. Like sedate and have novel design, general coat is too too sedate either appear drab, or too appear too novel insufficient class, but MM accomplished balance successfully.

With perfect tailoring, comfortable fabrics and the occasional chic design, it always amazes me every winter. Recommended for office workers like Heather, you will no longer have to worry about the discomfort of concave styling.


△ looks like hot style, but the aura created after putting on is completely different.


△KK also loves MM.


△A windbreaker that can be closed.

Prada: despite the fact that I mentioned earlier that Prada’s recent performance has been poor, it has become the least body-demanding coat. I think the texture and pastel colors of the coat are worth plundered for the winter.


△The most irresistible ray of pink.

Ralph Lauren: there are always people who don’t want to spend that much but want to be fashionable. RL will be a better choice, good texture, cutting is also acceptable, and importantly, cost-effective first-class.


△Impartial, RL is right there.

Stella Mccartney: as a fashion genius, besides being extremely talented, she has a perfect grasp of the clothes after they are formed. The plan of his coat may be nondescript, but you can see the intricacies of three-dimensional tailoring on the model. SM’s coat also appeared in you.


△ star your hot coat is from SM.

ViKtor & Rolf: you can’t always go for rei kukubo or yohji yamamoto. Then try VR,VR absolutely subversion of your view of fashion, how to exaggerate.


△ this style, different opinions.


△ some weird, but some chic.

Yohji Yamamoto: Yohji Yamamoto may have been amiable in recent years, but his work is still Bohemian. Whatever is cool, the androgynous style appeals to many young people who are still gender-ambiguous.

If you have any tips on how to choose a dress, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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